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Aim to Join Indian Defence Forces

Defence academy can help you build a better career while being an efficient citizen of the country.

A career in the armed forces is a dream of many.

Defence academy and can be a life altering decision. An honourable career option, it widens up your efficiency and effectiveness as a citizen of the country. It helps you grow as a human as well as in life. This career option is not stagnant ; the variety and ranks of job defence offers is  tremendous and there are immense opportunities to grow in this field. The main task of defence personnel is to shield the nation against all types of atrocities. You get a chance to get onboard for a noble cause.

Defence as a career has benefits of both sectors- private and public. Your job is secure and your salary is sufficient. It is the best option for those who are driven to serve their nation and pay their debt to their mother country. It is a challenging yet adventurous and respectful field. Benefits one can prevail from defence are multi-folded like job security, pension, high salary and obviously an opportunity to serve your nation. It assures you a better and healthier lifestyle with access to amenities like golf courses, playgrounds, theaters and other facilities.

The sense of patriotism and nationalism is a major factor in the defence academy ; the sense to even lose yourself in service and leave behind worldly pleasures and relations and work in extreme conditions to serve your duty is definitely to take pride in. The feeling of overcoming any obstacles and hurdles for the safety and well being of your country is what makes you suitable for this career option. There is no greater service than to serve your nation, your fellow men and have pride in yourself. There is no greater satisfaction and relief than to see those glorious eyes who look up-to you for their safety and security of their lives.

It gives a real purpose to your life and a better career opportunity for millennials who don’t want to work in the corporate world and be a corporate machine. The sense of power in you; both physical and spiritual that you develop during extensive training to combat any threat in defence academy is far beyond expression. It makes you strong, devoted and disciplined. The capacity of being selfless, to place others before your own life empowers your patriotism.

As a cherry on top, the opportunity to explore the world through travel opportunities and paid leaves attracts candidates into defence academies. You get a chance to explore the unexplored remote regions of your nations and face the realities of minimalist lifestyle.

In defence academy, you get a chance to serve the cause that affects the whole world that is terrorism; the biggest concern of nations and work for your people. The respect and admiration you get in society empowers you to become a better version of yourself.

A common phrase that we hear everyday “common man is able to sleep peacefully at night is because they know there are forces on borders, in cities who are awake to protect them”; and to be a part of the FORCE is huge in itself.

Health benefits , free school facilities, travelling expenses for yourself and your family helps you build a better career in defence academy.

Let’s explore your options if you are passionate about contributing to the nation.

Defending the country is a fulfilling opportunity. In India, NDA ( National Defence Academy) and CDS ( chief of defence staff) are two exams conducted for armed forces by UPSC and ministry of defence , NDA being the most prestigious and preferred option. NDA, pursued right after senior secondary or graduation, opens up various career options in navy, army and air forces and a variety of ranks as officers depending on your score.

The options one has are- indian army , indian naval force and indian air force.

Eligibility – Unmarried male candidates between the ages of 16.5 to 19 years of age can appear for the NDA test.

A candidate appearing for the test must be a citizen of India , a subject of Bhutan or Nepal or a Tibetan refugee migrated in India prior to 1 january 1962 with a certificate of eligibility issued by government of india.

Educational eligibility-

For Indian army- A candidate who has passed senior secondary in any stream(science, commerce or arts)

For the Indian naval force- senior secondary with physics, chemistry and mathematics.

For indian air force- senior secondary with physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Physical eligibility-  Minimum height of 157.5cm,157cm,162.5cm for army,navy and airforce respectively. Also, candidates should clear the chest measurement of 81cm .

Other than these two,  various defence services such as CRPF( Central armed police services),  NSG (Nation Security Guard),  NCC, DSSC, Border Roads Organisations etc are also promising career options in this field.

The pleasure of serving the motherland serves the brightest career opportunity in India. The zeal of a candidate to be a part of Armed Forces and high ranks motivates one towards this career option.

It helps in  holistic development of being, professional and personal advancement through technical training of weapons and knowledge of external affairs. A career option full of joy, excitement and challenges gives a chance to serve the nation devotionally. A job in the armed forces is also referred to as permanent commission as it means a career till you retire. Fulfilling all your professional expectations and living a life of your dreams is what awaits you if you join Defence academy. Motivation and thrive to work in the armed forces is persuading young people to work in defence. A defence personnel is no common man, dressed typically with heads high and eyes beaming in confidence to face any obstacle is what awaits you. It is an opportunity to be the hero of mythological stories you have heard in childhood or any marvel movie in adulthood. It is a chance to create your heroic story of braveness and fearlessness and be a proud effective citizen.

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